Catalan is the restaurant that's setting the bar for every other dining establishment in Houston; there's a reason executive chef Chris Shepherd is referred to as "The Godfather" by his peers, after all. Just-off-the-truck fresh meat and produce from local farmers, carefully selected wines and a killer wine list by sommelier Antonio Gianola, a stunning dining room with partially open kitchen, and the skilled hands of Shepherd and sous chef Antoine Ware all combine to create one of Houston's most unique restaurants with the best food in the city. Shepherd isn't content to just serve up classic recipes with his ultra-fresh ingredients, however; it's the combination of street food with multiethnic flavors in dishes like lamb sweetbread tacos and crispy Akaushi oxtail spring rolls that makes Catalan the epicenter of Houston's burgeoning Gulf Coast cuisine scene.

Location Details

5555 Washington St.
Houston TX 77007


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