Best Lawsuit (2010)

Charter school teacher beating

If not the shot heard 'round the world, it was at least the beating seen 'round the country: Jamie's House teacher Sheri Lynn Davis whomping on a 13-year-old boy. Thank goodness some enterprising student thought to record the event, rather than rush to the child's aid, because the video will no doubt be the centerpiece of the lawsuit against Davis and the school that as of this writing has not fully gotten underway. And it's in that video where we can see Davis trying to punch the boy as he scurries helplessly on his back. Davis said later that the boy was taunting a female classmate; apparently she felt the need to show the lad that females were indeed capable of opening cans of whoop-ass. Although maybe that should've been administered by one of the boy's peers, and not a 40-year-old woman. Live and learn.


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