Tired of wandering aimlessly around the zoo and staring at a bunch of animals that you don't know much about? Say hello to the free Houston Zoo iPhone App. The App opens up onto a live Twitter stream where fellow zoo-goers post helpful tips, such as which exhibits are air-conditioned, and then leads right into a list of all the day's special activities that'll make sure you don't miss the elephant baths, feedings or must-see keeper talks. You can make a personalized schedule of everything you want to do. There are photos and info about most of the animals and maps that show you exactly where that giraffe is located. The App employs a GPS, showing where you are at all times, and even allows you to sync up with other App-enabled zoo-goers, so if your group wants to split up for a while, you can find each other again. Direct links to Facebook and Twitter enable users to share their day with their social network.

Location Details

6200 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston TX 77030


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