Best Local TV Commercial (2010)

Houston Aeros, "I Have a Gun"

A year ago, local production company TVMan launched its "Be a Fan" campaign for the Houston Aeros, giving us some of the smartest, funniest, most absurd and effective ads we'd seen in some time. They're all excellent, but we have a sweet spot for the one featuring mustachioed Sergeant Larry Hall. Consisting entirely of Hall, in dress blues, standing against a plain light-gray background, it kicks off with Hall saying, "I love my job. We chase bad guys," in a country twang. "When you're involved in an intense sport, you're going to have shoving matches sometimes." Then, bam, it cuts to Marshall deadpanning "I have a gun." He starts talking about the Zamboni, and then, bam again — "I have a gun." At the end, he says it one last time: "I mean it. I have a gun," only this time, he cracks up. Best hockey commercial ever, hands down.

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