It's a given that it's much easier to meet women in places that are less threatening — just try to hit on a stranger in, say, a parking garage for negative confirmation of that adage. And where on Earth is less threatening than a children's museum? And where are adults more starved for a little adult conversation than after an hour or so in a mass conclave of shrieking children? At the Children's Museum, a casual, friendly word is likely to fall on the receptive ears of many a baby mama at her wits' end. Ease of meeting is just one advantage. You can also get a good read on what sort of future you might have. When you meet their kids right at the start, you're jump-stepping lots of potential down-the-road drama. All the cards are already on the table: You can see right before your eyes the finished products of their past reproductive efforts. If they look like Gaby Solis's kids from Desperate Housewives, you'll be warned. Even more important, you'll get a peek at their parenting styles, so before you ever hop in the sack, you can avoid those crazy, sexy lovers who turn out to be quasi-abusive or neglectful parents.

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1500 Binz
Houston TX 77004


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