Best Place to People-Watch (2010)

The Texas Medical Center

For a city of our size, Houston's not a great people-watching city. It's so spread out and so segregated, by class if no longer by race. Take downtown, for example. For the most part, the middle-class office drones stay below decks in the tunnels while the poor people sizzle in the heat topside, and (relatively) seldom do the twain interact. But the Texas Medical Center is one of Houston's few equalizers. Virtually all of us will spend some time there at some point in our lives. The occasion could be a joyful birth, or it could plumb the depths of misery — you see the full range of human emotions there. And since the Med Center is world-famous, people come from all over the world. What's more, and we know this is a little sick, but it's a glamour spot. Few celebrities visit Houston when not paid to do so, but most of those who do are coming for treatment at MD Anderson or another Med Center hospital, so there's the chance you might even spot someone famous.


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