Best Ruins (2010)

Love Street Light Circus

Nothing about the decrepit, avocado-colored three-story building on the banks of Buffalo Bayou just west of the Main Street bridge advertises the fact that it used to be the focal point of Texas's fertile psych-rock scene, which was both bluesier and more adventurous (musically and pharmaceutically) than its better-known San Francisco Bay Area counterpart. But the top floor of the building, built as the headquarters of the International Coffee Company in the 1930s, was a hippie-friendly haven that nurtured bands like the 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, The Red Krayola and ZZTop (who played their first show there) and gave their fans a place to congregate and enjoy the swirling light shows with minimal hassle from The Man. How much longer the remains of Love Street will be there is anyone's guess, as the building is supposedly marked for renovation as part of the Buffalo Bayou beautification project, but the reverberations that originated there continue to resonate in the music of latter-day psych bands both in Texas and around the world.


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