Best Twitterer — Arts (2010)


A better moniker for this year's winner for Best Arts Twitterer, @dancehunter, might have been @artshunter. That's because Nancy Wozny, the force behind the constant stream of news, critiques, discussions and, from time to time, a little gossip, doesn't limit herself to just dance. Nor is the conversation aimed solely at dancers and choreographers. Civilians, as some of @dancehunter's followers call those of us who have never strapped on a pair of pointe shoes, are also welcome. Recent posts by Wozny included a link to a USA Today article about the action/thriller/dance film Black Swan, an announcement of the latest dancers to join the Houston Ballet and news about a free performance by the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York. Wozny has managed to do more than just disseminate short bursts of arts-related information — she's managed to create a smart, supportive, everything's-open-to-discussion meeting spot for Houston's arts aficionados.


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