Best Life Coach (2010)

Cinda Johnson

With the economy's alleged recovery about as stable as Lindsay Lohan's psyche, it's not a shabby idea to seek outside help. No, not from a bank — they're probably why you're hurting in the first place. No, not a priest — ditto. Instead, get a life coach to help you get where you want to go. If you feel you need to recalculate your life — or your career strategy, at the very least — contact Cinda Johnson, a veteran placement counselor who's expanded her practice to teach skills that will help prevent your even needing a headhunter, not to mention unemployment benefits. Johnson counts CEOs, oil execs and other high-flying professionals among her clientele, but you'll never know who specifically, because she keeps her clients — and more important, their issues — mum. Quiet, empathic, sage, upbeat and proactive — Johnson helps her clients go far in life.


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