Best Place to Breathe Clean Air (2010)

Bolivar Peninsula

Sadly, there is no magic wellspring or font of clean air to breathe in Houston. Ozone can be anywhere, from the Ship Channel to Katy to the Galleria. The toxins belched up by the scores of petrochemical plants and refineries that dominate the area are impossible to escape nearby. "Everywhere you turn in Houston proper," says Matthew Tejada, executive director of Air Alliance Houston, "there is going to be some source or pattern nearby that contaminates the air. The best place to breathe clean air in Houston is away from Houston." With that, Tejada recommends heading down to Bolivar Peninsula, about a two-hour drive, to suck on some of what they've got. At least it's by the shore, so there's a chance a gust of the good stuff might come your way.


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