Best Addition to the Local Arts Scene (2011)

Stark Naked Theatre Company

Truth be told, you had us at "stark naked," but we were happy to find that there was much more to this start-up theater company than just a great name. Husband-and-wife team Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin-Lehl, who also had a hand in the Brave Dog Theatre, founded Stark Naked with the intention of slowly building a strong, bold company that would mount courageous, if not outright audacious, productions. And they've done just that. The first show for the new company was Debt Collectors, a modern adaptation of Swedish playwright August Strindberg's 1888 drama Creditors. Alley Theatre company member David Rainey joined Lehl and Tobin-Lehl onstage for that production, which Lehl adapted. It was daring choice, one that proved to be right on the money given the glowing reviews it earned last May.


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