Best Chinese Restaurant (2011)

Chinese Cafe

The original location in Chinatown has been serving up savory Chinese food for decades. Now, with a second location in the Galleria area just outside the Loop, both Chinese Cafes are popular destinations for diners wanting quick, delicious Chinese food. Catering to both American and Asian palates, the place is often crowded with patrons ordering individual inexpensive specials for lunch or several dishes to share family-style for dinner. Pictures of the dishes hang on the wall to whet your appetite and make ordering easy. Some favorites include shredded pork or beef with green beans, spicy tofu in black bean sauce, and hot and sour soup. The fried rice is cooked in an authentic hot wok, which makes each grain crispy and flavorful. Hot tea is free of charge.

Location Details

9252-C Bellaire Blvd.
Houston TX 77036


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