Phoenicia Deli has been a popular destination on the west side of town since 1992.  In more recent years, it opened an international and specialty food market just across the street from the original deli and started turning out fresh pita bread.  In the middle of Phoenicia Specialty Foods sits an impressive pita-making machine where you can watch each doughy circle of goodness, still warm from the oven, slide down the conveyor belt to the ground floor, where it is then packed for purchase.  A bag of nine large white pita rounds costs only $1.50.  And if you want variety, there's also wheat pita, pita topped with Ackawi cheese and pita topped with sesame and black caraway seeds.  All are made fresh daily.  Later this year, Phoenicia Specialty Foods will open its second location, downtown, making everyone inside the Loop very happy.

Location Details

12141 Westheimer
Houston TX 77077


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