Best Benefit to Living Downtown (2011)


Say what you want about downtown; with the addition of the light rail and increasingly landscaped and well-tended pedestrian areas, it's never been easier to get around by foot if you live in the CBD. Don't want to endure the mid-day heat in your suit? Take the tunnels and walk your ass all over town in air-conditioned comfort. Otherwise, you can hit everything downtown has to offer in ten to 20 short minutes on the surface streets: concerts at the House of Blues, games at Minute Maid Park or the Toyota Center or farmers' markets at City Hall and Discovery Green. The ballet, the opera, the symphony, the Alley Theatre — all are within mere feet of each other. And in many places, the bar and restaurant density means that you can just show up at the Pavilions or Bayou Place and decide from a wealth of options on the fly. Walk to one of the many light-rail stops and within minutes you can be in the Medical Center, the Museum District or even Reliant Park. With the opening of grocery stores like Phoenicia and the construction of the new Dynamo Stadium, hoofing it around downtown is looking more attractive by the day.


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