Best Place for a He to Be a She (2011)

Baba Yega Restaurant

Whether as a place to test the waters for the first time or as a favorite haunt for someone with a long history of cross-dressing/transgenderism, Baba Yega is the perfect place for a he to be a she (or vice versa). The cozy atmosphere, the diverse clientele and the caring staff all add up to a welcoming, supportive setting where everyone can openly be whoever they want to be in total comfort. Baba Yega is a casual restaurant, housed in a converted bungalow with several dining room options including an al fresco terrace, an indoor room full of nooks and crannies, and a covered garden. The restaurant's clientele is a happy, friendly mix of straight and LGBT couples, groups and families. The staff is equally varied and warm. There's a full bar, but the real draw is the food and laid-back atmosphere. A Montrose-area staple since the mid-1970s, Baba Yega cheerfully welcomes everyone.

Location Details

2607 Grant
Houston TX 77006


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