Best Wheat-Paste Poster Artist (2011)


Coolidge, Cutthroat, Eyesore and Dual all justifiably have their fervent partisans, but our absolute favorite is 2:12. That could be simply because we are junkies for color, and 2:12 uses lots of it, much more than wheat-pasters like Cutthroat and Dual or even a stencil painter like 'Lidge. 2:12 hybridizes their approaches — much of the drafting is done on paper in his studio, which affords him the chance to paint in more detail than the average hit-and-run poster artist. We also love his choice of material — often Golden Age Hollywood leading ladies of every ethnicity. Grimy Houston could definitely use more of his work, but don't expect the city to be blanketed with 2:12 works. Like most true masters, he takes a quality-over-quantity approach.


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