The last time we were in this store, we were standing in line, eager to purchase an out-of-print book, while a middle-aged man two spots ahead of us paid more than $100 for some rare finds, including a copy of Alice in Wonderland from the early 1900s. But instead of walking out with his books, he turned around and handed Alice to the young woman standing in line behind him. He had noticed her poring over it earlier; it was obvious she was in love with the book, but unable to afford it. When it was finally our turn to buy our $8 book, the owner waxed philosophic about how you'd never see anything like that in any of the chain stores. He's probably right; we'd never seen anything like that before. The owner said there was something about his store that brought out the best in people. We had to agree. Not only did we get a great deal on a rare find that day, we got to witness an even rarer display of awesomeness.

Location Details

3820 S. Shepherd Dr.
Houston TX 77098


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