Best Small Business Helper (2011)

Kitchen Incubator

You might make the world's best apple marshmallow salad, but if you sell it out of your kitchen, you'll be shut down before you can even start up your start-up. Luckily for you, there's Kitchen Incubator. It's the first licensed commercial kitchen for rent in Houston, meaning you can reserve a kitchen, cook up a storm and (legally) sell your food. Kitchen Inc. is the perfect place to launch a local business; clients include chefs of small companies that specialize in everything from fudge to kombucha. The folks at Kitchen Inc. will even help you get certified. With three kitchens and every kind of oven imaginable, they'll rent you a space for as little as $10 an hour. To reward yourself after a long day (or hour) cooking, check out the cafe, where soon you'll be able to sell your own delicious wares.

Location Details

907 Franklin St.
Houston TX 77002


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