The 66-foot-high ceiling in the Jones Hall lobby is home to this year's Best Public Art winner, Gemini II. Commissioned by the Houston Endowment in 1966, Gemini II was created by Richard Lippold. The hanging sculpture looks like a flash of light swooshing overhead. But while it seems fluid, it's actually made up of several thousand pieces of polished aluminum rods suspended by gold-plated piano wires. Thousands of audience members have passed under Gemini II on their way to the concert hall over the last 46 years, all of them impressed with the work — and most of them asking, "How did they do that?" (Hanging the piece must have been a monumental task.) You can see Gemini II through the Jones Hall lobby doors so you can enjoy the piece from outside the hall, but a better perspective is from the building's top-floor lobby, where you can enjoy an up-close view of Lippold's master creation.

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615 Louisiana
Houston TX 77002


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