As far as food celebrities go in Houston, Top Chef: Just Desserts season two contestant Rebecca Masson is definitely one of our most famous. But her fame isn't just of the TV kind. People familiar with her desserts become devoted fans of everything, from her French-style macarons to her famous fluffer nutters. Her cupcakes at Revival Market, however, definitely take the cake in terms of most delicious cupcake bite ever. The infamous "Veruca Salt" — salted-caramel butter-cream topping with delicious devil's food cake — is decadent, moist, gooey and mouthwateringly good. Other quirky, fun cupcake flavors like Strawberry Quik, red hot red velvet, birthday cake, Irish car bomb and more are also must-haves, but it's the Veruca Salt cupcake that readily inspires rapturous adoration.

Location Details

550 Heights Blvd
Houston TX 77007


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