Le Mistral is probably best known for its French cuisine, but lately it has upped the ante in the dessert department, starting with the acquisition of a commercial-grade Italian ice cream machine that produces house-made ice creams easily and frequently. Fruit-based sorbets are outstanding, with a wide array of seasonal flavors like pear, apricot, plum, strawberry and lemon. Staple flavors like vanilla bean and hazelnut are rich, dense and creamy-smooth. When you order a selection of the ice creams and sorbets, you don't just get a few scoops in a cup, either. The frozen dessert is elegantly adorned with handmade sugar sculptures by Pastry Chef Marcos Sacalxot, ensuring that it not only tastes good but looks great, too.

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1400 Eldridge Parkway
Houston TX 77077


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