Ask anyone where to go for sushi in Houston, and Kata Robata will most assuredly make the list. From traditional nigiri sushi to some of the freshest sashimi and inventive new sushi dishes, Kata Robata has it all. At the core of this restaurant is Executive Chef Manabu Horiuchi, the first-ever Japanese nominee from Houston to be nominated for a James Beard Award, in 2012. Horiuchi's insistence on the strictest of standards when it comes to food quality ensures that customers always have the freshest, and seasonally best, selection of fish money can buy: fresh scallop (hotate), live sea urchin (uni), live giant clam (mirugai), Croatian fatty tuna (toro), octopus (tako), sea eel (unagi), Copper River sockeye salmon and more. Traditional dishes like the hot-out-of-the-oven, special-recipe sweet egg omelet (tamago) are unparalleled as well. No matter what you order, on whatever day you visit, the sushi is always top-notch, all the time.

Location Details

3600 Kirby
Houston TX 77098


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