The west side of Houston approximates Pacific geography. If you are looking for Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino or Indonesian groceries, head for Bellaire Boulevard. If on the other hand you're in search of stuff from the colder reaches of the Pacific, head to Super H Mart, Houston's top purveyor of all things Korean and Japanese. The food court astounds with its bounty of hotpots, sushi, bibimbap, kimchi, Korean barbecue and amazing Seoul-style marinated fried chicken. There's also an outlet of the Frenchified Korean answer to Starbucks — Tous Les Jours — wherein one might find splendid coffee and flaky pastries from Paris via Pusan to Houston. The seafood counter alone merits a trip, and wow, those beans, that astounding variety of rice and all those oodles of noodles.

Location Details

1302 Blalock Rd.
Houston TX 77055


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