Don't let the name fool you: Yes, they've got furniture, which we'll get to in a minute, but they also have books, toys, strollers, clothes, wall art and even something called a PeePee TeePee. Basically, if you've spawned a tiny human being, then your new best friend is now Baby's 1st Furniture. Which reminds us: furniture. We're talking cradles, cribs (traditional and convertible), changers, rockers, gliders, car seats, bassinets, ottomans — you name it, they got it. For goodness' sake, they even sell the Wipe Warmer, an insulated dispenser that warms wipes from the top down. It's a freaking revolution in wipe technology. Okay, so maybe your mind isn't as easily blown as ours, but the point is you're going to be happy, and more important, your baby's going to be happy.

Location Details

5575 Richmond Ave.
Houston TX 77056


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