Walk into the Kegg's Candies Meyerland-area store and you might think you see chocolate cupcakes among the offerings. Look a little closer — the yummy cupcake-looking treats are actually oversize peanut butter cups that have a big taste to match their size. Kegg's dates back to 1946, when Robert Kegg started experimenting in his mom's kitchen. That quickly led to a shop in the Rice Village. The shop has since changed hands, but current owner Carl A. Bartuch Jr. has maintained the Kegg tradition of using only the finest fresh ingredients to create delightful confections. Along with dozens of types of delicious concoctions, there are plenty of novelty items (light and dark chocolate shaped like poker chips, sports equipment, letters and the like). You don't have to have a pocket full of money to enjoy Kegg's goodies — milk chocolate rounds, pressed into turtle, sand-dollar, flower and butterfly shapes, among others, are all less than $1. For a behind-the-scenes look at Kegg's candy kitchen, visit the factory location (8168 Westpark) for a self-guided tour. See candy made from start to finish, and stop by Kegg's in-factory store and ice cream parlor, where you'll find frozen custard and Italian ice in addition to chocolate candy.

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4934 Beechnut St.
Houston TX 77096


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