One of the best things about this not-so-hidden treasure is its support of Texas cheesemakers. The titular maids comb the state for the best home-grown cheeses (note: Cheese, we're told, isn't technically "grown") like Sand Creek Farm's gouda, farmhouse and brick varieties, or CKC Farms's baby caprino. Although we were disappointed to learn they don't sell our favorite artisan cheese — a Sicilian delicacy called "Velveeta," which is so rare it comes in its own protective sheath — their extensive selection includes such delights as Hoja Santa, Deep Ellum Blue, and Brazos Valley Havarti. What's more, the maids team with Saint Arnold Brewing Company to bring cheese-and-beer tastings to your home or office. Basically, if you want to make room in your life for more cheese; or if you're on a quest to find a variety to call your own, then consider Houston Dairymaids to be your spiritual guides. Yeah, it's totally cheesy — and we mean that in a good way.

Location Details

2201 Airline Dr.
Houston TX 77009


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