Not many Houston quickie-marts get a 95 ("world-class") rating from the brew snobs at, but D&Q richly deserves that acclaim. The nondescript convenience store may look like any other on Lower Richmond, but step inside and you will quickly see that D&Q is to the art of malt and hops as the Hollywood chain is to cigars and porn: a tiny Shangri-La. They don't just carry regional and microbrews even the fussiest of beerologists might be surprised to find, but also hand-blown glasses and souvenir T-shirts from the breweries as well. For those overwhelmed by the size of the nearby Spec's Warehouse, or for those in search of gently fermented grain beverages after 9 p.m., there is no better spot in the Lone Star State than the D&Q. As one recent convert put it, "this place should be a Texas landmark," and owner Brandon Nguyen is a municipal treasure.

Location Details

806 Richmond Ave.
Houston TX 77006


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