The Hot Water Guys proudly proclaim that they "install more tankless water heaters in one week than most plumbers do in one year" — and they'll invade your home like a well-organized army in that pursuit. Going tankless is the right thing to do, as it saves water, a more precious resource than any fossil fuel. It also frees up space in your home, since the compact little tankless water heater is mounted outside. These guys are so good they found both a water leak and a gas leak (!) on a recent house call and, what's even better, fixed both. They've got a good, stable crew headed by Kenny's brother, Bryan. We can't praise 'em enough. Even cooler, the Hot Water Guys themselves, Tom Massimin and Kenny Browning, are longtime Urban Animals (no, they won't skate in your attic).

Location Details

352 Link Rd.
Houston TX 77009


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