Best Psychic (2012)

Marva Mason

Marva, who runs the Psychic and Holistic Fair the first weekend of every month, has a wealth of quivers in her bow. If she doesn't feel "on" with a client, she'll turn to tarot, palmistry or astrology — or perhaps a blend of all three occult arts. She's taught hundreds over the years in all things metaphysical, but says she's most proud of the work she does with an OB/GYN, helping the doctor and her clients choose dates during the process of in vitro fertilization...and later, the optimum birth date for delivery. "I help them create miracles," she beams. Marva created her own miracle last year when she "found" her long-lost love from high school and they got back together — hotter, as the saying goes, than a pepper sprout.


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