You don't have to sip your tea at Té House of Tea — you can eat it, too, with the shop's Green Tea White Chocolate Cookies (finger cookies topped with ground green tea and white chocolate icing). With more than 130 teas on the menu, the shop boasts robust blacks, earthy greens, subtle tisanes, delicate whites and more, all ready to be brewed up just for you. If you insist on it, you can have your tea over ice, though you'll get it in a rather plain-looking plastic glass instead of a lovely ceramic pot. If you don't have time to sit and enjoy your tea in the shop, Té House has bulk tea for sale, with offerings including organic and fairly traded varieties. You can also pick up brewing equipment such as pots, strainers, and all-in-one cups with tops and lift-out strainers. Part of Té House's allure is its laid-back ambience. There's a regular schedule of entertainment including a Varieté Show and an open-mike night.

Location Details

1927 Fairview
Houston TX 77019


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