2013 Edition

Maybe you’ve seen the dozens of national surveys celebrating Houston for its remarkable job growth and its reputation as a hotspot for young professionals, the most diverse city in the United States with the best art and food scene and a skyrocketing quality of life. Heck, maybe you’re one of the legion of transplants expected to make Houston their home in the coming decade. Or maybe you’ve been here all along, quietly enjoying all this expansive city has to offer. Of course, the Houston Press and its readers have known all about Houston’s worth for the past 25 years. And this, our silver anniversary, seems the best time ever to acknowledge the choicest of our city’s restaurants and bars, sports and recreation, shopping and services, and arts and entertainment. In these pages you’ll find everything from the Best Picnic Spot to the Best Junk Store, the Best Spanish Radio Station to the Best Chinese Restaurant. And as we take a look at the Best of Houston®, we’re also highlighting four individuals who came here as outsiders but who now consider Houston their home. The rest of the country is saying Houston has arrived. We’ll say thanks to that, but we’ll have to add: What took you so long?

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Readers' Choice Awards

From across the Houston area, thousands of you weighed in on what you are certain are the city’s best people, restaurants, services, sights and sites. Read on to see what most of you love best, and check out our picks to see how we compared. Readers' Poll Winners: SHOPPING &...



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