Best Alternative Venue (2013)

The Silo

The Silo is such an alternative venue it's barely even open. In fact, the converted rice mill deep in Fifth Ward is open to the public only on rare occasions, such as when the Art Car Ball (almost) got rained out earlier this year. Billing itself on Facebook as "the place where the improbable becomes the possible," the Silo's seven-acre spread is home to an automobile graveyard, urban farming, film productions and screenings, experimental theater and tribal performance art, as well as the more traditional weddings and massive dance parties. But nothing about this place is traditional, really. If you ever want to get married in a backdrop that could have come from The Road Warrior or are looking for somewhere to hold an event that involves the words "Let's Burn Some Shit" on the flyer, then the Silo is the place you want. That almost certainly makes it the only venue of its kind in town.

Location Details

4601 Clinton Dr.
Houston TX 77020


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