Bone marrow used to be a delicacy. It was something you'd have to fly to France or French Canada to get a taste of, but not so anymore. Bone marrow dishes abound in all flavors around Houston, many in the shape of a long bone cut in half and sprinkled with this or that. At Brasserie Max & Julie, their bone marrow isn't the fanciest or the most souped-up. Served as a small plate of round bones, the os à moelle are done the classic French way, roasted and sprinkled with nothing more than course Guérande salt. The pure bone marrow and its rich fatty essence can then be scooped out of the center of the bone and spread over a crisp crouton or classic French bread for an experience that is magnifique every time.

Location Details

4315 Montrose Blvd.
Houston TX 77006


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