Though Best Chef is technically awarded to one person, in the case of Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan of The Pass & Provisions, it would be impossible to choose between them because these two chefs do just about everything as a team. Together, they've created one of the most inspired restaurants to hit the scene in years. "Restaurant" is actually something of a misnomer. In a single space, they've managed to develop two absolutely distinct concepts that share a single kitchen. On one side, day-to-day fare consisting of artisanal breads, charcuterie, pizzas and pastas rules the house. On the other, dress-you-up fine dining offers the ultimate elevated dining experience with tons of wow factor. Though the two sides are different thematically, the culinary creativity displayed on both menus is remarkable. Whether it's a rooster's crest-shaped pasta or a gigantic piece of just-fried chicharrón that serves as their muse, Siegel-Gardner and Gallivan, as a team, take food from ordinary to ­extraordinary.

Location Details

807 Taft St.
Houston TX 77019


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