You'd think that the best dumplings in Houston would come from somewhere in Chinatown, but you'd be mistaken. Go to The Galleria, park near Nord­strom and go to the small food court just outside of that store on the second floor. There, through a small front-facing window, watch in amazement as white-clothed Chinese staff make quick work of everything from dim sum to fried rice and whole steamed Dungeness crab. Though all the food is solid, what brings people back are the handmade dumplings: plump shrimp har gow dumplings, juicy xiu mai pork dumplings and delectable steamed xiao long bao soup dumplings. Larger than the ones you'll find elsewhere in Houston, they are things of beauty and the best in the city.

Location Details

5135 W. Alabama St.
Houston TX 77056


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