We've all eaten fajitas. They are available at every Mexican restaurant and taco truck in Houston, of which there are thousands. But what if I told you that not all fajitas were actual, real fajitas. Sometimes you get ungraded sirloin or some other type of beef, disguised as fajitas. For the real thing, turn to the source, Ninfa's on Navigation. There you will find certified Hereford outside skirt steak, the only tender piece of carne that should be crowned fajita. The good stuff doesn't require lots of marinating or seasoning, either. Chef Alex Padilla simply applies a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper as he grills it to ­perfection. Add some frijoles a la charra, handmade tortillas and a Ninfarita, and you will taste heaven.

Location Details

2704 Navigation
Houston TX 77003


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