Tony Thai, located on Bellaire Boulevard in the Saigon Houston Plaza, is definitely one of the most well-appointed Thai restaurants in town. But the ambience is just one part of the equation at this place, where both the front and the back of the house are Thai in origin. What that means is that you get the full experience — recommendations for dishes by real Thai servers, dishes prepared by real Thai cooks. The food is undiluted in flavor. Beware of the spice level in the tom yum soup. Enjoy the taste of umami in their julienned papaya salad. The spicy, sweet and sour chicken wings are to die for, and the staple noodle dishes, like pad Thai or pad-see-ew, always tasty. Their beef tiger cry, with its lime-infused chile dipping sauce, is outstanding, as is their impressive whole crispy garlic fish. The laminated picture menu makes it especially easy to order as well. If you don't know what you want, you can always just choose the picture that appeals to you the most and point your finger to place an order.

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Location Details

10613 Bellaire Blvd. # A101 Houston
Houston TX 77072


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