Best Democrat (2013)

Mayor Annise Parker

Okay, so the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association is endorsing her opponent, but the Houston Police Department still loves her — just a sign of what happens when candidates become officeholders and there's not enough money to go around. Mayor Annise Parker, now running for a third term, stays on top of social media (we love that she follows the Houston Press Rocks Off music blog on Twitter) and is working the city's way back out of the reduced circumstances caused by the recession (public library hours are being restored!). She's gamely helped out promoting BARC's dog and cat of the week while presiding over City Council meetings in a fair and reasoned manner. The business background of this Rice University graduate and previous City Controller makes it difficult to paint her as anything but what she is: a competent, non-corrupt public official with a deep love of Houston, where she and her partner are raising a family. She doesn't sidestep her credentials with the Houston LGBT caucus but stresses that she's mayor of all of Houston. And she's staying focused on her goal of continuing to promote Houston as a good place to live and to add jobs.


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