What to say about Replay, the 19th Street Heights vintage boutique run by Laura Levine and "Crazy Mike" Hildebrand? It's simply the best vintage store in town and has been for years. It would be better to clue you in on how to shop at Replay in order to find the best deals. Follow them on Facebook, where they often post photos of their hauls and special discounts. Attend the numerous parties the staff throws, whether it's a street fest like Lights in the Heights or an art gathering with a DJ and photographer ready to catch you in those vintage duds. Looking for something specific, like, say, a vintage dirndl? Call the store and ask if they've seen any lately. If they have, they'll let you know, and even set it aside for you. And Houston now has double the vintage. In September, Levine and Hildebrand opened a second shop, called The Place Upstairs, above the Continental Club.

Location Details

373 W. 19th St.
Houston TX 77008


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