Best Weathercaster (2013)

David Paul, KHOU

Surely it's every TV meteorologist's worst nightmare: an on-air attack of the hiccups that can't be contained and won't be denied. But that's exactly what happened to Channel 11's David Paul the evening of May 1 — and not during a routine weather update, but instead amid some heavy rush-hour rains. Paul kept his composure while shooting a series of "Can you believe this?" looks at the camera every time another hiccup came forth. It was the same supremely affable, ever so slightly goofy style viewers have come to expect from the Westfield High grad, who has worked at KHOU since 1996 and was promoted to senior meteorologist last year, and it played well when the clip inevitably went viral. (David Letterman quipped, "What is going on there in Houston?") More important, Paul kept right on running down the rainfall totals, proving that he takes the weather much more seriously than he takes himself.


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