Best Commentator (2013)

Jeff Van Gundy

Technically, does former Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy work for a national outlet? Yes, his work on ESPN and ABC does extend beyond the boundaries of the 713 (and 281 and 832 and whatever that new area code is). But since coming to Houston in 2003, Van Gundy and his family have chosen to call Houston home. Even after he was fired in 2007, Van Gundy chose to remain in Houston because he and his family love this city. So if there's a national commentator who is truly the best at what he does (not just here but anywhere), whose opinions I would listen to on any topic, not just NBA basketball, are we going to claim him as our own? You betcha! Now please, Jeff, just don't go back into coaching. Our NBA television-watching experience needs your candor and your insight.


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