Best Franchise Owner (2013)

Bob McNair, Houston Texans

When you're looking to figure out whether or not a city has an owner who qualifies as "good" (let alone "best"), there are a few checkpoints, and McNair seems to hit positively on all of them. Willingness to spend on payroll? Check. The Texans are among the highest-spending teams in the NFL. Active in the community? Check. You can't attend a charity event without seeing the Texans' fingerprints somewhere on it. Success on the field? Check. The Texans appear to have finally turned the corner with back-to-back playoff seasons. But what wins the honor for McNair in 2013 is that he's expanded his game by adding a brutal honesty to the assessment of his team as they try to take that next step. Our personal favorite is when he was asked about Matt Schaub and he assessed his quarterback's play as "more than adequate," a positively lukewarm endorsement that perfectly encapsulates exactly how the rest of the city feels about Schaub. Add to that McNair's pre-draft analysis that the team needs a gamebreaker on offense (voilà, DeAndre Hopkins!), and it's the awareness of the Texans' on-field needs that puts McNair over the top.


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