Best Picnic Spot (2013)

Menil Park

There's something microcosmic about setting up a picnic in Menil Park. Bring your jambon and rye and salad and Saint Arnold, spread your bevy of blankets, and soak in the surroundings that exemplify Houston. Watch the well-dressed couples milling around in The Menil Collection and Cy Twombly Gallery. Observe the weekday warriors looking for a spiritual, ascetic reprieve in the Rothko Chapel. Take in the young families scrambling along the low-lying oaks and the college kids tossing footballs and flying discs as if they're on campus. Sit back, scan the park, and watch the wizards and the gypsies and the homeless banjo pickers and the shirtless hula-hoopers all work their magic. Sip your drinks and splay out on the grass, and appreciate all the different people you find around you. This is exactly how Houston should be. This is precisely how Houston should host a picnic.


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