Best Sports Columnist (2013)

Stephanie Stradley,

With the advent of the Internet, the sample space of writers who qualify under the definition of "sports columnist" — a writer who offers up opinion to go with razor-sharp analysis — has most certainly expanded. No longer is this category a two- or three-person race among those who offer up opinion down the right side of the Houston Chronicle sports page. No writer in the city combines passion for her area of expertise with analysis, opinion and hard work better than Stephanie Stradley, whose "Texans Chick" blog has been a fixture on the Chronicle's blog page for seven years. If you're looking for advanced analytics and, more important, actual layman's translation of them, Steph has it. If you're looking for an off-the-wall interview with J.J. Watt or a picture of rookie DeAndre Hopkins in a prayerful pose, Steph has it. If you're looking for the media member who's asking Gary Kubiak smart, tough questions on Andre Johnson's workload or the perceived vanilla-ness of his offense, it's Steph. Now let's just hope the Chronicle cutbacks don't deprive us of her phenomenal work for good.


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