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Best Appraiser Houston 2000 - Paul F. Wishnow, ASA

Anybody who has tuned in to PBS's Antiques Roadshow marvels at how veteran appraisers quickly scan somebody's closet clutter and come up with rich histories and details on such obscure items. Paul F. Wishnow takes it one step further. Each Sunday morning on KPRC Radio (950 AM), he delivers a wealth of information without even seeing the items of interest to callers. He guides them through a thorough examination that usually yields the elusive answers to the value and heritage of the possessions. Time has increased their worth -- and it certainly has added to his expertise. His dad had Houston's oldest antique shop (it opened in 1922) when Paul was born. Wishnow Furniture and Antiques is still going strong (his father died in 1958). In 1974 Paul picked up his accreditation from the recognized U.S. and international appraisers' societies, and has been gleaning the gems from the junk ever since.
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Susan Garrett
Susan Garrett

Karen Kutash from the Coin Exchange in Houston gave me you name and number.

I'm the person with the 22"X28" Image size gelatone composite facimallie (aqua-tint) of "Cotton Pickers of Corsia" - 1938.

Appraised in 1981 for $1,500 by Ray Hughes of Artist & Collectors Sociaty of America. I have 12 other artworks painted by Sandra Maggie Schwarts: 1846-1977 (sounds long to me): (Student of Thomas H. Benton).

Total appraised value of all picsin 1981 - $7,370.

I'm very interested in the Thams Benton Cotton Pickers of Corsia - 1938.

I have a digital picture I can send you.

Susan Garrett281-246-4891