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Best Cold Boiled Shrimp Houston 2000 - Captain Benny's Half Shell Oyster Bars

Captain Benny\'s Half Shell Oyster Bars

Captain Benny's Half Shell Oyster Bars

8506 S. Main

Houston, TX 77025


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Some people refer to journalists as bottom-feeders. Well, as long as there are crustaceans like the ones served up at the Captain's around, we will consider ourselves in good company. Since the restaurant is best known for its oysters on the half shell, the cold boiled shrimp sometimes get overlooked, but not by us. Never overcooked, these large pink beauties are spiced just right, always firm and fresh, and always cold. Make your own dipping sauce with condiments that include ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco, lemons, salt and pepper.

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