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Best Guitarist Who Never Plays in Public Houston 2000 - Cherie Craze

Readers' Choice: Tie: Atomic Opera/ Bozo Porno Circus
Cherie Craze is one of Houston's unrecognized wonders. Like lots of shy teenagers, the self-taught guitarist spent a good deal of her childhood hiding out in her room, wrapped around her guitar, teaching herself to play. What sets Craze apart from most pimply-faced, angst-ridden adolescents is the fire in her heart and the amazing talent in those ten little digits. From the beginning she was good. And after years of practice, her fingers have learned to fly like tiny devils on fire over the strings of her guitar. Her pad is now piled high with just about every sort of string instrument ever invented, including a banjo, a lap steel guitar and the bajillion guitars she owns. It doesn't matter if it's classical, flamenco, western or pop-rock -- she can play it. And when she opens up her mouth to sing, out comes a sound so beautiful, it could make grown men weep. This is one fine player who really ought to quit her day job.
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I would love to get in contact with Cherie, too. I haven't heard from her in the last 5 years. How is she doing? Can you get in touch with her and pass along my email?

Thanks,Sherry (Brown) Morrison

Karen Loveless
Karen Loveless

I am an old friend of Cherie's from Mansfield Ohio.How can I reach her, does she have an e-mail or can you forward this to her.Thank You,Karen Loveless