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Best Landlord Houston 2000 - Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland is definitely the nicest landlord in town. He owns five area properties, but he has scaled down and sold a few apartment houses so that he and his partner, Tyler, can spend more time with their adorable son. Most landlords are just people who collect your rent check. When you call Brian, he actually cares about what's going on in your life and not just what's wrong with your apartment. When the heat didn't work, he was out the next day, worried we might be too cold. When we accidentally permanently locked our front door (don't ask) Tyler came right by, took the door off the hinges and fixed it. When the washing machine was broken for two weeks, Brian told us to drop our laundry by his house, and he'd do it for us. Brian and Tyler are the kind of people who smile when they see you coming. They're the kind of landlords who make you want to share your beer.
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I've lived at a copeland property for just a few months now and feel so at home already. Great landlord. I love the way he runs his business  on a more personal level. If you find an apt of his for rent and can get it snatch it up fast!


I couldn't agree more with this posting! He is and has been my landlord for the past 3 years and ever word written about is 100% true! 

Brenda Clem
Brenda Clem

Brian,Are you the wonderful guy who got me through my first programming class at Lee College? And the same one who brought me my first piece of Louis Vuitton from France? If so, this is your "old" friend, Brenda Contella Clem.

I would love to hear from you and hear what you are doing now.

Hope to hear from you soon!Brenda


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