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Best Salad Houston 2000 - CarrabaÂ’s

When Johnny Carraba wanted to pay tribute to a couple of family members, he bestowed upon them a true culinary honor in our book, the Johnny Rocco salad ($10). The name is a combination of Carraba?s dad, Johnny, and good old Uncle Rocco. The salad is a combination of mixed field greens, ricotta salata (salted ricotta), grilled shrimp and scallops, topped with a vinaigrette of red wine and extra-virgin olive oil. The seafood is warm off the grill, and cooked just long enough to get the delectables done, but not so much that they lose any juice. It?s not one of those dainty, airy salads for skinny ladies who lunch; this entr?e salad leaves little room for dessert. It?s been a fixture at the restaurant since the day it opened in 1986, and remains one of the more popular items.
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