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Best Sex Scene Houston 2000 - Edward Albee's The Play About the Baby

Boy meets Girl. Boy gets Girl. Boy is "hard all the time." Girl is young and lithe, with pert breasts and slim hips. Boy chases Girl across stage, naked and giddy. Boy pulls Girl's towel off, exposing her body under bright lights. Boy describes the tremendous trek through the divide between Girl's pale breasts, across her soft navel, into the dark furrow below. Girl says that when Boy lets her lick his armpit, she almost faints. Boy remembers when some bullies broke his arm. Boy is frightened. Girl puts her nipple in Boy's mouth. Boy suckles, ravenously at first, then quietly, comforted. Boy and Girl are innocent. Boy and Girl are in love. Boy and Girl have a Baby. Man and Woman take it away.
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